I rotated my primary PGP key

Out with the old

I’d been using an RSA 2048 key since about 2016 for my PGP needs. This was its key fingerprint:

C474 1E2A CFD6 9911 13A2
A87B 4399 208B 3C51 1A9B 

I’ve been meaning to decommission it for a while now, but unfortunately that had to wait until I had time to upgrade my YubiKey. The old key has been revoked.

And in with the new

My new master keypair uses Ed25519 (EdDSA) and resides in my new YubiKey 5. Right now, it has two subkeys: one extra key for signing (also Ed25519; no certification capability), and one for encryption (Curve25519).

The primary key’s fingerprint is this one:

9C41 44F3 5E74 2C88 A5D2
563C 15F4 2BEF A159 BA54

My new key is available online, signed with the old one. I’ve also uploaded my old key signed with my new one, together with a revocation certificate indicating the reason for revocation as “key superseded.”

I will soon make a separate post to re-commit to a number of important signatures made using my old key using the new one.